Introduction To Weaving Machinery

Weaving machinery is the equipment that makes the yarn made by the spinning department into gray cloth or finished cloth through weaving preparation, weaving, finishing and other processes. In order to distinguish knitting, the weaving of weaving machinery is customarily called machine weaving.

The gray cloth or finished cloth woven by the loom is a product formed by interweaving two systems of yarns perpendicular to each other, namely warp and weft, on the loom according to certain rules. In order to prepare for weaving, the yarn is made into a warp yarn package (weaving shaft) and a weft yarn package (bobbin or bobbin) through equipment such as intertwining, doubling, twisting, warping, and sizing. The same as the aforementioned "spinning machinery", the rest of the equipment is described as follows:

(1) Warping: A certain number of yarns are drawn out from the bobbin at the same time, and are regularly arranged on the warp beams with a specified width to form a warp layer with uniform tension and wound into a uniform density according to a certain length. warp beam. The types of warping machines include batch warping machines, section warping machines, yarn dividing warping machines, ball warping machines, etc.

(2) Sizing machine: to coat the surface of the yarn with a uniform sizing film to increase the strength and wear resistance of the yarn, reduce the breakage rate, and make the weaving proceed smoothly. The types of sizing machines are divided according to the sizing method: axial warp sizing machine, dyeing and sizing combined machine, sizing combined machine, warping-stretching-sizing combined machine, etc.

(3) Loom: The warp and weft of two systems arranged perpendicular to each other are twisted according to certain rules to form gray cloth or finished cloth. There are many types of looms, which are mainly divided into two categories: shuttle looms and shuttleless looms.

(4) Finishing equipment: the equipment for quality inspection and repair of the fabric, improvement and improvement of the appearance quality of the fabric, and packaging into a certain form. Finishing equipment includes cloth inspecting machine, surface brushing machine, cloth drying machine, cloth folding machine, packing machine, etc.

① Cloth inspection machine: used for quality inspection, package and length measurement of various fabrics.

② Cloth brushing machine: used to remove impurities and neps on the cloth surface and improve the quality of the cloth surface.

③ Cloth drying machine: used for drying cloth with excessive moisture regain to prevent mildew during storage.

④Folding machine: Fold according to a certain fold, and measure the total length of the fabric according to the fold and the number of folds.

⑤Packing machine: Pack the fabric into a certain form, which is convenient for factory sales and transportation for dyeing outside the factory.

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