Beaming Machine Connection Inspection Air Shaft Precautions

The beaming machine is the equipment used in the parallel axis process.

Composed of a shaft frame and a machine head, the pneumatic warp tension control device on the shaft frame can automatically keep the warp unwinding tension of each shaft constant and uniform. The winding mechanism of the machine head winds the warp at constant speed and constant tension, and at the same time applies winding pressure to the weaving beam through the pressure roller in the air pressure mode. Part of the paralleling machine is also equipped with a split foil between the machine head and the pulp shaft frame, which is used for warp yarn split

Five points for attention in the connection inspection of the air expansion shaft of the shaft paralleling machine

1. Check whether the output of all PLCs of the air shaft is short-circuited or not.

2. Whether the machine power input line of the air shaft is reliably grounded, and whether the specifications of the grounding wire meet the requirements.

3. Whether the layout of the power line and signal line is reasonable, and whether the cable connection is correct and reliable.

4. Whether the connecting wire between the electrical cabinet of the air shaft and the equipment is damaged, and whether there is any rupture or damage at the corner of the cable.

5. Whether the grounding of the signal shielding wire is correct, whether the wiring on the terminal board is firm and reliable, and whether the system grounding wire is connected reliably.

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