The Future Direction of the Textile Machinery

The first half of this year, whether domestic or export of textile machinery developments are encouraging, the second half of this momentum can continue it? Recently, this was interviewed to industry experts.

Situation: textile industry decline in purchasing power

China Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association, director of marketing Lv Honggang that the development momentum of textile machinery and textile story. Maximum impact on the Textile Machinery Textile lag of six months, usually three or four months can emerge, and with the market more fully, this impact is also faster. Described as "front of the sneezing, the rear on the cold," said Lv Honggang full of emotion. So what the second half of the development of textiles in turn face situation?

Surge in textile exports during the first half so far, exports to the EU limits of 10 commodities, there are six kinds of limits on the number to reach agreement; the United States limits the 7 categories of products, cotton knit shirts, cotton trousers, cotton and man-made fiber underwear and other five categories of textiles and the clearance rate has reached 100%, and some export-oriented textile industry in the second half of the orders have not been available. Thus, some textile enterprises turning to the domestic market, a number of export products transfected domestic prices diving, there's signs of a price war, which will result in the profit space is compressed, and even some enterprises will face close down.

With energy shortages, prices of cotton, crude oil, strained capacity, production costs will increase. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, this year's cotton yield considerable increase over last year, while cotton production declined last year, cotton demand, the industry expects cotton prices this year will not be lower than last year. Meanwhile, tension continued coal, electricity, oil prices have been high, enterprises will be great pressure. On the other hand, exchange rate gains and the tax rate fluctuations also affect exports.

Early, the government imposed export tariffs; years, the RMB exchange rate up 2%, corporate profit margins and further thinning. Extruded pressure, including textile enterprises reduces its liquidity, reduce the purchasing power of some large contracts to buy textile machine not working properly. To cotton, for example, although the expansion of this year, 300 million (tablets) in size, but for the above reasons, the end of May, early June into the slow implementation of the contract period. Domestic case, exports are also some disadvantages. One (sets) of textile machinery are often valuable, the RMB exchange rate up to the textile machinery exporters bring no small loss. Therefore, the second half of the export value is expected to be slightly lower than in the first half, the concept of the big textile machinery (including clothing finishing machinery) point of view, the annual export is estimated to reach 800 million U.S. dollars.

To: play a leading role in the high-end equipment

The impact of these unfavorable factors, China Textile Machinery Where am I going to go?

"In the past spinning equipment, such as combing machine, roving frame, spinning frame, draw frame, good and bad, as long as can use on the trip, now have higher levels of mechanical science and technology requirements, since they will be to a higher end of development. "Lvhong Gang told reporters, without weaving machine sales this year than last year and the year before all the upgrading, especially in the high-end sales good, its production efficiency, product quality and color are the new breakthroughs;, of course, low-grade non-woven machine there are some markets, but not so large before the sales.

A medium-high grade non-woven machine equipment from at least 200,000 Yuan, people buy these devices have not just meet the production, but turned to increase its strength, which direction to high-grade non-woven machine will also be the development trend of the future. Dyeing Machinery Dyeing, finishing equipment, foreign investment in the future will face further "invasion" of foreign enterprises to invest in China, the joint venture printing companies will increasingly emerge.

For China's textile machinery enterprises, in the new domestic and international situation, the market can not single, "should be based on domestic demand and export development." Lv Honggang support a move for the company.

From 1 June this year, the amount of textile machinery imports of view, the trend is still down. In addition to the amount of dyeing and finishing machinery imports up 2.89%, other such as knitting machines, weaving machines, non-woven machinery have relatively large amounts of imports fell, chemical fiber machinery, weaving preparatory machinery and other imports fell by 50% the amount of even more ; state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private enterprises, joint ventures, imports have negative growth. This shows that the domestic textile machinery have more room for the future, but can no longer perpetuate the low level.


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